Exquisite Cabinet

Knowing the artistic process of Gabinete Exquisito

What does "Celebrating Nature" mean to you?

It means not losing curiosity and the desire to learn from it and remembering that nature is also the sounds, the air, the aromas and everything that surrounds us, including ourselves.

We visited you in your home-studio in Mallorca, what is island life bringing you?

Island life contributes a lot to our work in the sense that we live in a slower and more relaxed way. It is reflected in what we draw, paint, eat and think.

So that people understand the differential value of this collaboration, what makes the pieces we have co-created so unique?

These pieces we made for Pompeii are the fruit of unfiltered imagination, a kind of visual map that we composed from drawings, ideas and reinterpretations.

Music is often part of the creative process, can you give 4 themes to this collaboration?

She Brings the Rain - CAN

Plantasia - Mort Garson

Golden Hours - Brian Eno

The Wolf - Connan Mockasin, Ade