Pompeii was born in 2014 as a result of the lack of motivation generated by our university careers. Passionate about sneakers and friends since college, we decided to launch ourselves to build a brand of shoes guided by a tremendous illusion and a superlative ignorance. After years of traveling around Spain in a van selling shoes and maturing along with the project, we found our mission: to build a lifestyle brand based on the concept of "walking", the constant movement of soul, body and mind.

Always located between formal and informal, it is in the grays where we are comfortable, looking for the confusion and harmony in the union of antagonistic worlds. Building from the feet up and in, our brand takes great inspiration from our Spanish roots, which we proudly show.

We know we are not for everyone, nor do we pretend to be. Moved by design, culture and sport, we build for our own, those who live step by step, walking, growing.