Spring / Summer 2022

Spring Summer 2022 Lookbook

For our Spring Summer 22 collection we have been inspired by the concept of football as much more than a sport, seeking to update the image of the game off the pitch, moving away from its stereotypical sporting application and towards a more stylish and elegant terrain.

For those who think that football is simply 22 people running after a ball, that football is the opium of the people, that it is simply a game, we could not disagree more. If this is how you understand football, then you don't understand football at all. For us football is a way of life, a universal language, a sign of hope, a unifier, a light in the darkness, an intergenerational tradition, a passion. 

That's why we went to Sant Pere Molanta, where the local Catalan fourth division team holds a precious treasure, one of the few remaining natural grass pitches in Spain. It was in this paradisiacal landscape that we organised our first catwalk, the fruit of this quest to constantly unite territories that have historically repelled each other. The association of the catwalk with luxury and football with the village places us in a terrain that a priori many people do not like, but we are passionate about: a balance between the formal and the informal, between past and present. The result is something very close to our roots and our heart.