Handkerchiefs made in Spain and hand sewn. 
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Handkerchiefs Pompeii

Add a touch of style and sophistication to your outfits with scarves Pompeii. Our scarf collection is designed to complement your look with unique designs and high quality materials.

Printed scarf: This scarf is made of a lightweight fabric that provides comfort and versatility. Measuring 60 x 60 cm, it is the perfect accessory to add a touch of color and style to your outfit.

Silk scarf: Our silk scarves are a true luxury. Made with 100% silk and hand-sewn, they offer you a feeling of softness and elegance. The illustrations of these scarves have been developed by the prestigious design studio Gabinete Exquisito, and each piece is unique. Made in Spain, they are a sample of craftsmanship and style in every detail.

Silk Foulard: If you are looking for a sophisticated and versatile scarf, our silk foulard is the perfect choice. Also made with 100% silk and hand sewn, it offers the same quality and style as our silk scarves. The illustrations developed by Gabinete Exquisito give it an artistic and distinctive touch. Made in Spain, this foulard is an exceptional fashion piece.

Our scarves are ideal accessories to complement your outfits in any occasion, either to add a touch of color and style to your daily outfit or to look elegant in special events. In addition, their manufacture in Spain guarantees quality and care in every detail. Explore our scarf collection Pompeii to discover more exclusive styles and designs. We are sure you will find the perfect scarf that will elevate your looks and reflect your personal style.

Frequently Asked Questions Handkerchiefs Pompeii

The printed scarves Pompeii measure 60 x 60 cm, providing a versatile and comfortable size for use.

Our silk scarves are made of 100% high quality silk. This choice of material guarantees softness, elegance and durability.

The illustrations of our scarves are developed by the renowned design studio Gabinete Exquisito. Their creativity and unique style add an artistic touch to our scarves.

Yes, some of our scarves, especially the silk ones, are hand-sewn. This ensures a careful finish and meticulous attention to detail, offering exceptional quality.

All our scarves Pompeii are manufactured in Spain. We are proud to support local production and guarantee high quality standards in each of our products.

For the care of the handkerchiefs Pompeii, it is recommended to follow the washing instructions included on the product label. In general, it is advisable to wash them by hand or in a gentle cycle with cold water and use mild products for cleaning.