The "Club"

This club is nothing more than the union of all of us who share this guide to life, that place where you feel identified and where you can turn to find yourself and to find us. Let's have a good time.

Communities are made by people and the affinities that bind them together. The passion, the feeling of belonging, the desire to share with others while building a sense of belonging to something you are proud of. We share many things. Fashion and its rhythm. The beautiful and the noticeable. The unique personalities. The shoes, walked in because we have walked in them. Brands that inspire us. Limited editions. The classic and eternally unique. Music, which moves us. Cinema, that tells stories. That series we're hooked on. Football, for everything that is football. The journey, the one that makes us discover.

The cities, their people and their life. Family and friends. Life, lived and felt.

Membership includes

Access to special products, such as club merchandise or exclusive collections, two free magazines per year, invitations to club events. These are just a few examples but the list of benefits is longer.

Our Community

The Walking Club was born as a response to our need to create a space where we can all meet and celebrate the things that make us happy. 

Thank you for betting on us, it is a pleasure to have you here. As an exclusive customer of Pompeii, from today you are part of Walking Club; the first club of the brand created for its most special customers.